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Kelley Memorial Society is pleased to announce the opening of a Theological library for Jammu on February 20th, 2012. This library has over 3,000 books on theology, history, and world religion in Hindi and English. It is housed in Greater Kailash, Jammu at the Kelley Memorial Society branch office.

  • These books are available to be checked out by the public from 11 am-4 pm Tuesday-Friday.
  • Please bring a government-approved ID card to check out books.
  • Books can be checked out for 15 days. Reissuing is available as needed.

This library was inaugurated by Mr. Raman Bhalla, Honorable Minister for Revenue, Relief, and Rehabilitation. The library has a calm and relaxing atmosphere for reading.

Our mission

Our holistic approach provides relief, development, and education in order to empower marginalized communities to work toward a more sustainable future.

Our vision

By seeking to meet the needs of the whole person, our projects address the four dimensions of social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.