Social - Projects

The Social Services of the Kelley Memorial Society seek to promote community transformation through projects aimed at the development of individuals and the community as a whole. From job training to community organizing, the goal of these projects is to train, teach, and empower people at the grassroots level. 

Clean Drinking Water

India has 4% of the water resources in the world while supporting 16% of the world’s population. Clean water is a foundation of good health. Kelley Memorial Society has tested water samples from over 100 villages. We have tested water from springs, hand pumps, wells, and drinking ponds. Much of the water has tested positive for fecal contamination and arsenic. Volunteers and supporters are working with us to find a solution to these problems. We have distributed bucket filters, and UV light filters, and provided community-level education to communities wishing to prevent the health problems caused by unclean water. Kelley Memorial Society also helped build a community-sized water tank in a local community to alleviate a water scarcity problem. We plan to continue this project and expand to the use of bio-sand filters, community-wide filters, and water harvesting programs to fight scarcity problems.

Job & Skill Training Program

The median income for the rural population of India is Rs 15 ($0.30) a day. Due to a lack of education and proper qualifications, many people are unable to earn even this. Our job training programs are targeted at people lacking in education and/or marketable skills. 2011 saw Kelley Memorial Society start its first sewing program among women living below the poverty line. Women and girls meet 6 days a week to receive training in basic tailoring. By employing a qualified woman from within the community to lead the teaching, empowering the community begins from the first day of the program. We are also partnering with other organizations to provide beauty parlor training to women and young girls by providing henna training to the women enrolled in the program. This year Kelley Memorial Society hopes to expand the job training by increasing the number of sewing and beauty training centers as well as expanding the types of programs to include other training such as electrician, mobile repair, and driving.

Our mission

Our holistic approach provides relief, development, and education in order to empower marginalized communities to work toward a more sustainable future.

Our vision

By seeking to meet the needs of the whole person, our projects address the four dimensions of social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.