The Social Services of the Kelley Memorial Society seek to promote community trasnfromation through projects aimed at the development of individual and the community as a whole. From job trainings, skill trainings to community organizing, the goal of these projects is to train, teach and empower people at the grass roots level.

Job and Skill Training

The skill level and educational attainment of workforce of any country determines the productivity as well as ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. In India the majority of work force does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improvement of economic conditions. The reasons basically are - large percentage of population living below poverty line, early school drop outs and non-availability of sufficient institutes to cater for millions of persons who enter the market every year. Skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development of any country. Countries with higher and better levels of knowledge and skills respond more effectively and promptly to challenges and opportunities of globalisation. India is in a transition to a knowledge based economy and its competitive edge will be determined by the abilities of its people to create, share and use knowledge more effectively. This transition will require India to develop workers into knowledgable workers who will be more flexible, analytical, adaptable and multi skilled. In this new knowledge economy the skill sets will include professional, managerial, operational, behavioural, inter personal and inter functional skills. To achieve this goals, India needs flexible education and training system that will provide the foundation for learning. KMS is working on introducing flexible education and training system that provides a strong foundation to both Men and women in many remote areas of North west India. We are working on providing specific skill training like Mobile repairing, Refrigerator mechanic, Air condition Mechanic, Electrician, plumbing, driving etc to men and trainings like cutting, Tailoring, beauticians and henna trainings etc to women lining below poverty line. We want to raise knowledgable leaders who are ready to accept the challenges and opportunities of Globalization.

Training- To Start Small Scale Business.

The median income for the rural population of India is RS.15($0.30) a day. Due to lack of education and proper qualifications, many people are unable to earn even this. Our job training programs are targeted at people lacking in education and/or marketable skills. .In a developing country like India, the role and importance of small-scale industries is very significant towards poverty eradication, employment generation, rural development and creating regional balance in promotion and growth of various development activities. It is estimated that this sector has been contributing about 40% of the gross value of output produced in the manufacturing sector and the generation of employment by the small-scale sector is more than five times to that of the large-scale sector. This clearly shows the importance of small-scale industries in the economic development of the country. The small-scale industry have been playing an important role in the growth of the women too especially the women living in rural areas. As It provides employment opportunities to the women in India and promotes entrepreneurial skills among women as special incentives are given to women entrepreneurs. From 2011 onwards Kelley Memorial Society is running these training programs among men and women living below poverty line. We are expanding our work by even training them how to market their products the ones they have made by themselves. So that they can find a good market around them and can sustain their business financially.