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Get Involved with Kelley Memorial Society! There are many ways you can support our work.


Join us by coming as a volunteer to support the work of Kelley Memorial Society among needy communities. Come volunteer for a week or a month. We’ll put you to work on any number of our current social, physical, intellectual and spiritual projects. What better way to get involved than to get your hands dirty!

Contact us at: if you are interested in volunteering


Your contribution will provide a positive influence in the lives of people living in harsh condition throughout North India. With Your support we can impact the areas of Social, Physical, intellectual and spiritual transformation. Share in the vision of Kelley Memorial Society and make a difference today.

Questions about contributions to the Soceity or alternative ways of giving?

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KMS is working in remote and Far flung areas of North west region of India where people are still struggling for the basic necessities of life. Despite relative wealth in India there are still some areas and regions where you see poverty rule. It seems like poverty exists right alongside luxury and wealth. The poor are poor and disempowered, shackled by religious distinctions such as caste, social distinctions attaching to occupational "dirtiness", inter-religious prejudice between different communities are still problems for development in certain regions. The issue that people are facing in North India affects million and negatively impacts the quality of the people living here and their opportunities for change. We would like to invite you to be part of the work by participating in the dialogue to find solution for life transformation and increase awareness of this critical need wherever you are.

Adopt a Community

Kelley memorial society is running development projects in regions where people are still struggling for the basic necessities of life. People among these communities need education and knowledge. KMS is working on providing them education and Knowledge, If you are Looking for a way to get involved at a deeper level among these destitute communities? Do it all and adopt a community. We’ll send you regular updates about our work in a specific area and invite you to participate in our ongoing work.

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