Kathryn Kelley Memorial Charitable Society is a non-profit, non-government organization serving the people of North India.


Kelley Memorial society is established in 2010 in North West India with a vision of “Transforming Communities Changing Lives”. We are a team of Young, Hard working and Compassionate Visionaries who believes in Holistic Development. Our Holistic approach provides relief, development and education projects in order to empower marginalized communities to work toward a more sustainable future.


KMS is seeking to meet the needs of the whole person, our projects address the four dimensions of social, physical, intellectual and spiritual.


Kelley Memorial Society is a non Profit Non Government organization working on relief and development projects in North West region of India. We are currently working in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. We work among remote and far flung areas in these states of North India, where we see people living in Poverty and has a huge need of development.

Kathryn Kelley Memorial Charitable Society

Kathryn Kelley Memorial Charitable Society is a non-profit, non-government organization serving the people of North India. We as an organization believes in holistic development. Our Vision is “Transforming Communities, Changing Lives”. As we believe in total tansformation therefore all of our projects falls under four dimensions of human personality. These are Physical, social, Intellectual and Spiritual.



The Social Services of the Kelley Memorial Society seek to promote community trasnfromation through projects aimed at the development of individual and the community as a whole. From job training to community organizing, the goal of these projects is to train, teach and empower people at the grass roots level.


According to the World Health Organization. India is the second largest country in the world. With a population growth rate of 1.74% of accounts for 20% of births worldwide. With rapid growth comes a number of socio-physical problems as the country struggles to keep pace with its burgeoning population.


Kelley Memorial Society so pleased to announce the opening of a Theological library for Jammu on February 20th 2012. This library has over 550 books on theology, history and world religion in Hindi and English. It is housed in greater Kailash, Jammu at the Kelley Memorial Society branch office.


Literacy in India is a key for socio-economic progress, and the Indian Literacy rate has grown to 74.00% (2011 figure) from 12% at the end of British rule in 1947. Although this was a greater than sixfold improvement, the level is still below the world average literacy rate of 84%. India still currently has the largest illiterate population.